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Carpentry Students Build Maze of Terror

Ten years ago, Morton East Carpentry Teacher Bryan Revor came up with the Maze of Terror, a Halloween-themed project to get his students excited about learning how to frame metal stud walls. The project was so successful that it has continued to engage students year after year. Carpentry students start by designing a maze, then frame it with metal studs, and at the end hang the drywall followed by the special effects. New to this season is the spinning vortex. As visitors enter the maze, they cross a bridge in a spinning vortex with black lights and strobe lighting. The Maze of Terror opens its doors three days before Halloween for teachers to bring their students for free during the day, and after school, there’s $1 entrance fee. The funds raised are for the student-led Bible club which uses the money to help feed the homeless living on the streets of Chicago.